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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Votes for depraved murderers!

The Lincoln Journal Star, shocking even me, today published a letter from a certain Shakur Abdullah, aka Rodney Stewart.

The delightful Mr. Abdullah was convicted of murder in 1977. He shot one man in the head after a drug deal, and blinded another. Since he brought gasoline with him to the scene to burn the victims' van, it was found to be premeditated. He was originally sentenced to death.

From the Kearney Hub:

On Jan. 25, 1975, Abdullah set up two teenagers who had served as his marijuana suppliers — Thomas Ehlers and Daniel Evans. Abdullah lured Ehlers and Evans to 16th and Boyd Streets, saying he had a buyer who wanted 2 pounds of marijuana. If Ehlers and Evans would supply the marijuana, they would get $600, Abdullah said. Instead of cash, Abdullah came with a handgun and a gas can. After telling them he had the gas can to help start a friend’s car, Abdullah shot Evans and Ehlers. Ehlers was killed. The bullet entered Evans’ skull and exited near his eye socket — leaving him blind in his right eye. Then Abdullah set the fire. Evans felt the heat, scrambled out of his van and rolled in the snow. Police officers and doctors didn’t believe he would make it.
He did 41 years in the slammer, and was released only because SCOTUS required resentencing of murderers who killed someone before they are 18. He was written up 4 times for bad behavior in prison, as well as embarking on a career as a jailhouse lawyer to try to get himself off with manslaughter (yeah, right).

I must say I'm not going to lose sleep if this fine gentleman can't vote. I'm just surprised the LJS couldn't find a letter from a more sympathetic figure, perhaps a mere rapist.

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