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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

President whiny little beeyatch

I can't recall, in my lifetime, a whinier president than Donald Trump. Just this week he whined about the intelligence agencies, BuzzFeed and CNN, and Meryl Streep...
Very unfair? What is he, five years old? And then he goes on about a witch hunt.
I'm no fan of Obama's, but he didn't whimper like a sick puppy when Trump was banging on about his birth certificate. He mocked him, as any grown-up would. And George W. Bush had horrendous press, particularly in the later years of his administration. He took it with his usual good grace. I don't recall him ever complaining.

The President is always going to get a lot of incoming. It's part of the job. Trump needs to grow a pair, and start acting like a mature human being. (Pro-tip: he won't)

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