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Sunday, January 1, 2017

My 2017 wish.

The London Sunday Times has a piece today about 'ticket-touting'. Companies are buying up tickets from certain clubs, and then reselling them at a profit -- often a huge profit. In the UK, where the idea of liberty is far less developed than in the US, this generates outrage because of the so-called 'unfairness'. But why? If the price was unfair, why did the buyer pay it? He obviously valued the ticket more than the money he exchanged for it, else he wouldn't have done it. Why should the State step into a non-fraudulent commercial transaction between consenting adults, both of whom feel that they benefitted?

This doesn't just apply to ticket-scalping. Every year, thousands of American men and women are prosecuted for consensual sex (or BDSM), or even just negotiating consensual sex, simply because money has changed hands. Aside from the direct costs, the indirect consequences of this -- driving sex-workers underground and making them more vulnerable to predation by cops or criminals, active corruption by the vice-squad, etc., are enormous. But why do we care if John Doe exchanges $500 for a two-hour session with Mistress Nasty? Both are grown ups of sound mind, and both consider they have profited from the transition. Who is some politican or policeman to interpose themself into the exchange?

This is my wish for 2017: that we stop trying to make criminal voluntary transactions between consenting adults. Why is it any of our business, or the State's business?

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