RWP was born in Manchester, in the north of England, in the late 1950s, so he is very old. He really liked the north of England, which by 1965 was hip and had three TV channels, and where he went to a coed school. His parents, for reasons best known to themselves, then yanked him away, to Belfast and then Dublin, which had one TV channel that started up at 6 pm with the Angelus (Catholic call to prayer). He also had to go to an all boys school, where he realized he really missed girls. This probably let him focus on schoolwork, though, and at age 19, after he had finished college, he set off for America, where he still resides. He has a bachelors degree in biochemistry and a Ph.D. from Harvard in biophysics, and has lived also in Mainz, Germany, Setauket NY, and Richland WA. He currently divides his time between Nebraska, Rosslyn VA, and Florida.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Quoting Leavenworth St.
After yesterday’s news about the Donald Trump campaign’s financial situation and a change in the campaign organization, Trump has managed to change the narrative, almost immediately.
The naivety is breathtaking. The 'narrative' is that Trump has managed to scream and lie and insult his way to a 70% unfavorability rating. It hasn't changed. Calling Clinton 'corrupt' won't change it; I think most Americans are already dubious about her integrity. Point is, they're going to vote for her, at least suspecting she's corrupt, because the alternative is an unhinged lunatic.

Trump's only hope is to relieve people's doubts about his stability and his honesty. I don't think he can do that.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Senator Deb Fischer (R, fascism)

Nebraska's senior Republican senator, who has already been a disappointment from the civil liberties standpoint, voted this week for a Senate Bill which will extend draft registration to women, when in fact it should be abolished for men. Fischer's lame explanation, quoted by the New York Times was...

“What people don’t seem to understand is just because there is conscription, that does not mean that all women would serve in the infantry,” Senator Deb Fischer, Republican of Nebraska, said. “There are many ways to serve our country in the event of a national emergency.”

Yeah, that worked so well in the Vietnam war.