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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Twitter Is Hard, or, how do Millennials manage to wipe their own bums?

As some of you know, yesterday Nebraska elected (by a massive majority) Pete Ricketts to be the next governor of Nebraska. Pete's a former COO of TD Ameritrade, a brokerage house his father founded, and he's a nice guy. He's the only billionaire I know (very slightly) so of course he's a nice guy. He says hello to me.

Anyway, the gubernatorial campaign here mercifully steered clear of social issues, as did most of the national campaigns. In fact, I don't even remember the issue of gay rights coming up. I'm sure Pete pays lipservice to the standard GOP 'marriage should be between one man and one woman' boilerplate, because this is, after all, Nebraska; but I also know his sister is gay and that he's basically a libertarian conservative.

In any case, the election had its usual contingent of social media leftist twits, carpeting the standard election hashtags with cretinous slogans and having absolutely no influence on anyone at all. But, despite their complete and ignominious defeat in Nebraska, the struggle continues, man! So one of them just posted this.

Problem is, and I know this will be a shock, so sit down, but there is more than one public figure with the name 'Peter Ricketts'. And our little Golem chum happened to find Sir Peter Forbes Ricketts, who happens to be Her Majesty's Ambassador to France (The HMA in his Twitter handle is a big clue). Sir Peter might be quite surprised he's against gay equality, since of course gay equality is most certainly the position of HMG. I've no idea what he thought about this tweet, except it probably reinforced a prejudice that all Americans are lunatics.

So, if all this social media stuff is a Millennial thang, how come Millennials don't seem to be able to do it very well? I suspect it's just that they really can't do anything very well. In that case, I'm going to increase the storage capcity of my bunker to two years, because heaven help us all when this lot have to run the world without mommie's help.

It gets better. Sir Peter Ricketts clears up the confusion!

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