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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ten things I learned from Ferguson

(1) When your old man gets out of the joint, paroled on federal firearms charges related to the manufacture, sale, and distribution of narcotics, and the parole officer says he can't live with your son, give Junior the heave-ho. He's 290 lbs; he can fend for himself.

(2) In the 'hood, a good shove is better than a $20 bill. It probably helps to be a 'gentle giant', though.

(3) Red is the appropriate color to wear to a funeral, if you have a close family affiliation with the Bloods.
(4) Never get between a grieving mother and her exclusive right to distribute merchandise exploiting her son's death. Don't care if it's Grandma doing it; assemble a posse, and beat the crap out of the old witch.
(5) Kewl gang symbols: apparently this means 'what's up, bro?'. Modeled, of course, by the beautiful and charming Mr. Brown himself.

(6) How to appeal for calm after a tragedy: 'raw emotion'.

(7) If you want to plow through a mob, a Ford F-150, bullbars and big wheels are de rigeur. Don't be like these people.

(8) If you are around when someone else tries (7), have a high quality digital recorder on hand, so you can sell the footage to the producers of 'The Walking Dead'

(9) Any questions why high-capacity magazines are A Good Thing? See (7) and (8).

(10) If you're working for the Newspaper of Record, it's OK to publish the address of a police officer receiving death threats, if you think he deserves to be killed.

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