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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quisling outbreak

UNL now has a student group called 'Men @ Nebraska'. Don't be fooled by it for a minute. They won't be protesting the withdrawal of protection for the accused in sexual assault cases, or asking why there are, six years after the passage of the Nebraska Civil Rights Inititative, still gender selective women's conferences at UNL, or why men pay more than women for drivers' insurance, but the same for health insurance. No, they'll be sitting around wondering why male athletes cheat, how they can prevent rape (easy one that: don't rape), grooving on Michael Kimmel (but in a manly way) and discussing why, generally, men are such pigs. Big clue: they meet at the women's center, and seem to be affiliated with that body and the LGBTQ alliance. Strong stench of male feminism here, methinks.
You have to admire the local feminists, though. This is a nice preemptive strike against there being any organized opposition to the 'preponderance of evidence' kangaroo courts currently sitting on campus.

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