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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do what the geopolitics dictates, tovarisch!

Nebraskans for Peace was a mildly obnoxious organization, apparently dedicated to reducing US standing in the world and achieving victory for the former Soviet Union. It was only mildly obnoxious, because it was a completely ineffectual coalition of moonbats. I thought it had gone away, but apparently they've found a new mission in helping the USSR's successor, revanchist Russia. Today Paul Olson 'a member of the Anti-War Committee of Nebraskans for Peace' tells Ukraine its place in the world.
But, most of all, it needs neutrality to take on the moderating middle position that geopolitics requires it to occupy.
Yes indeed, know your place, Ukraine. Forget about choosing your own direction; obey the geopolitics. You are designed to be a Russian buffer state. Too bad if you want to join the EU!

Olson, of course, is a multifaceted twit.

Crimea would provide Russia with Sevastopol, its only warm water port, and that Ukraine would provide the near-desert Crimea and Sevastopol with fresh water and electricity.
The picture above shows some of that 'near-desert'

Actually, Sevastopol averages about 18" of rain a year, about the same as North Platte, NE. It's classed as humid subtropical (Cfa), like, for example, Sao Paolo Brazil.

Olson also parrots Putin's line that the Ukrainian protestors are neo-Nazis, and claims they 'forbad' all languages but Ukrainian. I can find no evidence of the latter, and the former claim has been discredited.

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