RWP was born in Manchester, in the north of England, in the late 1950s, so he is very old. He really liked the north of England, which by 1965 was hip and had three TV channels, and where he went to a coed school. His parents, for reasons best known to themselves, then yanked him away, to Belfast and then Dublin, which had one TV channel that started up at 6 pm with the Angelus (Catholic call to prayer). He also had to go to an all boys school, where he realized he really missed girls. This probably let him focus on schoolwork, though, and at age 19, after he had finished college, he set off for America, where he still resides. He has a bachelors degree in biochemistry and a Ph.D. from Harvard in biophysics, and has lived also in Mainz, Germany, Setauket NY, and Richland WA. He currently divides his time between Nebraska, Rosslyn VA, and Florida.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A musical offering

I woke up this morning, and got into my car
Oh yeah, I woke up this morning, but I didn't get very far
As soon as I turned onto Route 44
The stupid damn ignition key fell on the floor
And that is why I've got me the Cobalt Blues.

So I found the key, and took it back to the dealer
Said "I damn near got run down by an 18 wheeler"
He said "Ask for a refund, but you won't get one
cos Chevrolet is now Gummint Motors, son!"
And that is why I got me the Cobalt Blues!

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