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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Melissa McEwen on grade-school rape culture

Yes, this is about the 6 year old who was suspended for kissing a female classmate. And yes, Melissa McEwen, who worked for sleazeball John Edwards but apparently hasn't had the good sense to retire to a nunnery in shame, actually wrote a blog-post about it called "Rape Culture Entrainment Starts Early":
It's amazing (not remotely amazing) that this defense looks precisely like the rape apologia we see after every other case in which a male student breaches the consent of a female classmate. It was mutual. It was no big deal. There's nothing wrong with it. It's normal. It's natural. It's just a boy being a boy.
When I was six, a pupil at a Catholic grade school in Manchester, England, there was for a while a boys' gang and a girls' gang. We participated in a game called 'pulling down pants'. The boys would chase the girls, catch one, and pull down her underpants. Then the girls would chase, catch and debag a boy. It was all very gender neutral, though the girls did have to pull off two garments rather than one. If a kissing 6 year old is a rapist, heaven knows what we were? I'm sure I was scarred for life.

It was only a passing phase. Pretty soon we moved on to gender-mixed gangs called "The Beatles Gang" and "The Rolling Stones Gang", but the really cool kids told breathless tales about mods and rockers and liked a band no one had ever heard of called "The Who". I was, I'm ashamed to admit, a member of the Beatles Gang. Conventional as always. We used to link arms and run around the playground singing "She loves you yeah yeah yeah". Sheesh.

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