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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

(2) Missing: Nebraska journalism.

Both Kevin Abourezk of the Lincoln Journal Star and the editorial staff of the Daily Nebraska are well aware of the critical FIRE piece about UNL's response to Mr Murphy's speech at the ASUN senate meeting, and have chosen not to cover it. I emailed Mr. Abourezk, and @DailyNebraskan was flagged repeatedly on Twitter. No response.

As usual, our local professional 'journalists' have displayed profound incuriousness about the whole series of events. Exactly where did this alleged sidewalk chalking occur? Has anyone asked? In this age of camera phones, does anyone have a photograph? Are the police investigating? Crickets!

Needless to say, the chances of this being a 'consciousness raising' hoax, after a publicaly controversial racially tinged incident, are pretty darn high. Everyday bigots and frat house drunks don't walk around with sidewalk chalk in their pockets. Activists do.

Meanwhile, coverage of last night's rally was uncritically accepting of the prevailing racial grievance narrative..

Our local cadre of community activists masquerading as journalists are far more interesting in retricting the information we get access to, than in actually informing us about what is going on.

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