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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why doesn't Richard Dawkins push to fix his own National Health Service, instead of lobbying for ObamaCare?

British hospitals experience a phenomenon they call Monday Mayhem; the London Sunday Times has an article about it today. Quoting the ST:
Professor Norman Williams, president of the Royal College of Surgeons and author of the report, said the changes needed to be implemented to prevent the “mayhem” consultants found on Monday morning when patients had been left to deteriorate over the weekend. “There is absolute mayhem sometimes in certain trusts on Mondays where patients haven’t been seen. You do not know what you are going to find. Some have become quite unwell,” he said.
The National Health Service (NHS) is so broke, they won't pay senior doctors to work on weekends. As a result patients 'become quite unwell', classic British understatement for 'sometimes die'.

Meanwhile, the previous Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham, is gearing up to sue the current Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, because Hunt uncovered internal NHS documents that said Burnham had ordered news unfavorable to the NHS be suppressed, and tweeted about them.

The lunatic reach of British libel laws is a whole other matter of course; imagine Condoleeza Rice suing Hillary Clinton for criticizing Rice's job as Secretary of State!

The UK state-run health system is an underfunded, chaotic and frequently fatal mess. And it's no secret; it's universally acknowledged. What isn't so acknowledged is that if they tried to spend the money needed to do more than apply bandaids to the NHS, the British Government would go broke, Greek style.

So what does a prominent British skeptic intellectual with a distinguished record in the biological sciences do? Why, he lobbies for Obama's efforts to inflict a state-run health care system in the US!

While US approval of Obama has dwindled to a 41% hard core of partisan Democrats, and the rest of us see him as an administratively-challendged, hyper-political and ultra-sensitive overgrown adolescent who spends too much time on the golf course, most members of the British Left are still Trve Believers in the ObamaCult.

Idol-worship is so ironic in a de facto spokesman for skepticism.

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