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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thank you!

A lot of people my age are pretty rough on the millenials, but I'm not. In fact, I'd like to take this moment to thank them for everything they're going to do for me.

I'm getting close to retirement, and very soon I'm going to be drawing Social Security. Now, I suppose I could argue that I've paid into SocSec for 35 years, and I'm just collecting what I'm owed, but we all know that's crap. All my FICA is gone, paid out to the last set of deadbeats, or used to finance the gummint's Chinese borrowings. So my payout will be coming from the millenials, who in ten years will mostly have gotten jobs and be contributing. They will finance my bumming around the Caribbean on a sailboat. By the time the millenials themselves have come along, of course, there will be not much left. But meantime, they voted for Obama and the Democrats, who are dead set against anything that limits Social Security payouts. Thanks!

And then there's Medicare. Ditto. I'm going to draw out far more than I paid. And, while my own GOP want means-testing of Medicare, the Dems are dead set against it. So, although I could probably pay out of pocket for all but the most expensive medical care, I won't have to, thanks to poorly-compensated 20-somethings.

And now I get ObamaCare. I won't be eligible for Medicare for 10 years, and in the interim I might get fired for sassing Harvey Perlman a little too hard, or I might just quit (see sailboat, above). My job has really fantastic medical insurance, but it's good to know that if I decide to leave it, I still have ObamaCare. ObamaCare will probably cost me $10,000 a year, but when you've just beaten your second bout of cancer, it's a bargain. And, of course, the $10 K I pay in will scarcely begin to cover the cost of insuring me; most of the rest will be paid by the same barely-solvent twenty-somethings. A good half-dozen of them will be signing up for insurance they really don't need, and pay far too much for, just to keep me in regular checkups, preserving my cancerous carcass for sailboat adventures. What can I say, guys? I'd say I owe you, but by the time it comes to pay you back, I'll be gone!

Do I feel guilty? Nah. I voted for Bush, and supported Social Security privatization. I voted for McCain and Romney, and therefore against ObamaCare. All I really want is my money back from FICA and Medicare. But if someone gives you something you didn't ask for, well, the gracious thing is not to reject it, but to thank the donor, and keep it.

So thank you, guys, and I hope that somehow it's not as stinky for you, when you get old, as I very much suspect it will be. In return, i'd like to give you some free advice. Save a lot of money, because you'll need it!

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