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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The needs of the many must give way to the needs of UNL Athletic Department

There really only is one entity to blame for UNL's cancelled graduation today; the UNL department of athletics. They were so danged anxious to get the volleyball team into Devaney, which required a $20 m renovation, they couldn't defer construction one season. Had they been willing to wait, they could have started renovating after next season, and held graduation in the new Pinnacle Bank Arena.

They instead chose to gamble with Nebraska spring weather; at the moment, and new grad should be filing into Memorial stadium, it's 38 F and pouring rain. You'd think Harvey Perlman would realize by now he has somehow offended the weather gods. His luck in announcing snow days has been execrable.

As long as the AD tail continues to wag the UNL dog, things like this will continue to happen. When our athletes commit mayhem, the athletic director appears in court to plead for the young thug, and a wrist slap results. Our lenient treatment of Lawrence Phillips probably cost lives. But we never learn.

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