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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When it's warmer, it's 'climate'; when it's colder it's 'weather'

Just about this time last year, speaking out from its vast well of scientific wisdom, the Lincoln Journal Star opined editorially that the warm spring was an indicator of climate change.
Nonetheless, on a 91-degree March afternoon, it was difficult to believe that some still deny that global warming is real.
Tonight is predicted to set a cold temperature record for the date, the second time this has happened in a week. So far this month in Lincoln has been the coldest April on record. So let's make some minor tweaks to the above:
Nonetheless, on a 24-degree April night, it is difficult to believe that some still argue that global warming is real.
Both statements are equally stupid.
It's now a 34 degree May evening, and the rain-snow line is moving inexorably across Seward Co. towards Lincoln. The Weather Channel is forecasting 3 - 7 inches by tomorrow evening, but no one really knows, because May snowfalls are, well, rarer than snow in summer. Or late spring, anyway.

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