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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Democrat hate has an expiration date.

In the panic that followed the Boston Marathon bombing, the Haymarket street on which Senator Deb Fischer's office stands was closed because of a bag of trash outside the door. The news was tweeted by the LJS here

Our delightful UNL Young Democrats modified the tweet, to the effect that the trash was actually Senator Fischer. To their very transitory credit, UNLHaters retweeted the tweet, signaling it as hateful, which is where I saw it. UNL Young Democrats then deleted the original, and it also disappeared from UNLHaters, even though they claim to have a policy of not removing deleted tweets. They claim they had used autoretweet on the Young Democrats tweet; this deletes retweets when the original is deleted. But, of course, this goes agains their stated policy, and their past practice. How convenient!

So UNL Young Democrats' cheap shot at Deb Fischer is consigned to the memory hole, and UNLHaters have lost another fragment of their tattered credibility.

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