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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Lincoln Journal Star's ignorant drivel about Iran sanctions

Fulminating against Republican opposition to Chuck Hagel, the Lincoln Journal Star ranted....
The fact is that Hagel opposed unilateral sanctions, and for a very good reason. They don’t work. But he voted repeatedly for multilateral sanctions -- which do work -- against Iran. It’s a matter of record. You can look it up.
I did look it up. The LJS is full of it. The United State imposes a slew of unilateral sanctions against Iran. These include bans on any company doing business with Iran, a ban on imports from Iran, sanctions against Iranian banks, a ban on exporting aviation parts, and so on...a full listing is here. An appraisal of the effect of the US sanctions by Akbar Torbat in 2005, before they were intensified and before multilateral sanctions were imposed, said that
It is concluded that, overall, the sanctions' economic effect has been significant, while its political effect has been minimal.
The Congressional Research Service have concluded that US sanctions against financial sector companies doing business with Iran have been particularly effective. And, of course, current Obama administration policy includes the use of unilateral sanctions against Iran.

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