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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moving the furniture at UNL

This semester one of the classes I'm teaching is overfull. It has 46 students registered; the limit is 45. The classroom is supposed to have 48 seats, but as of Monday, only had 44. So several students were sitting on the floor.

There's a plaque on the wall of Hamilton Hall 133, the classroom in question, giving a Facilities number to call if there are any problems. So on Wednesday, before class, I called Facilities. We don't do seats, said Facilities, call Inventory. We used to do seats, said Inventory, but now Classroom Assignment does seats. We don't do seats, said Classroom Assignment, call Facilities.

Oh no, you don't, I said, canny, after 25 years teaching, in the loops that bureaucrats create when they want to get rid of you. Facilities already sent me to Inventory, who sent me here. OK, said Classroom Assignment, we'll check it out, and get back to you. This is turning into a huge waste of time, I said, why don't I just move some seats from another classroom? Please don't, said Classroom Assignment, that's how problems like this are created. Maybe people move seats, I said, because when they try the official way, they get the bureaucratic run-around. I'll get back to you, said Classroom Assignment. She never did.

I just went downstairs and moved four seats from Hamilton Hall 135 to Hamilton Hall 133.


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  3. This little story put a smile on my face as it reminded me of a time when I was given the run around for weeks at university in Sydney, being passed from one department to another until I got so angry steam was practically coming out of my ears! Needless to say there wasn’t any point getting all stressed about it, I suddenly realised that no-one would care if I went ahead and made the changes anyway, so I did and instantly calmed down!