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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Washington Post-racial?

Conservatives have long joked that the definition of a 'racist' is a conservative who wins an argument with a liberal. It's a pretty accurate testimony to the evisceration of all meaning from a word that I took seriously when I was out demonstrating against apartheid. Once people started saying things like 'All whites are racist', the game was up. That's probably a great relief to organizations like the KKK, if they still exist.

Anyway, the WaPo editorial board narrowed it down a little over the weekend. Apparently to demonstrate someone is a racist, one needs to show he is not only white, but comes from one of the states formerly in rebellion. I happen to own a residence in one of the founding states of the Confederacy, so I guess it's time to face reality and look for a white sheet and a pointy hat. It's a shame my high-frequency hearing is shot. I just can't pick up the racist dog-whistles any more.

Meanwhile, James Clyburn, taking a tire-iron to a still functional part of the beleaguered English language, informs us that 'incompetent' is a racist code word for 'black'. It can't be. Barack Obama is not the first incompetent president, not by a long straw.

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