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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binders full of women

Back in the late 1990s, when the University of Nebraska at Lincoln was engaging on its illegal 'opportunity hire' program, wherein they selected faculty based on race and sex and made them offers without an open search, we were indeed sent over a 'binder full of women'. It was a file containing biographical details on women and minorities with a Ph.D., from whom we were supposed to select candidates for special treatment.

Later on, when the Bush DoJ began investigating and UNL suspended this program, we were again encouraged to assemble binders full of women; to do exactly what Mitt Romney did. If we assembled a short list of candidates that was entirely white, or male, or both of those yucky things, we would be told to 'expand the pool'.

You can acknowledge it, or ignore it, but 'binders full of women' have been circulating for the last 20 years, at the behest of feminists. Romney's cardinal sin was not to have done it, but to have acknowledged he did it...because the sine qua non of preferential treatment is never to admit the candidate you hired was preferentially treated. That would be 'condescending'.

So here is my message to women who hate the condescension; change the system. If you were hired for a high-level, scientific or technical position in the last 20 years, chances are you received preferential treatment. If you don't like that, stop lobbying for preferential treatment. But don't ask us to pretend it never happened.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A bare faced lie from Bob Kerrey about cap and trade

Bob Kerrey is desperately trying to backtrack on his previous active support for cap-and-trade and his service on the board of the leftist green fringe group called the National Resources Defense Council.

But unfortunately, there's a record. In 2009 he said, with respect to cap and trade.

When I talk to members of the Senate, that's what I say. If you vote in the negative, you will likewise, the older you get, you will look back on that negative vote and you will be ashamed of that vote.
Now he says
he never lobbied on behalf of the bill. He said he had been asked by the Natural Resources Defense Council to try to persuade about 10 lawmakers in the Senate to support the bill, but he never made those calls
So he lied on Friday, or he lied in 2009. There is no other alternative. Kudos to Robynn Tysver of the OWH for catching this.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bob Kerrey lied to the OWH about Sidney Kimmel

Bob Kerrey was paid the sum of $800,000 in 2011 by the Sidney Kimmel Revocable Trust, supposedly to 'sustain research', by a company called Energetics Technologies, into low energy nuclear reactions, a.k.a the field of quack 'science' popularly known as cold fusion. I've covered the unsavory history of Energetics Technologies elsewhere. What's interesting today is that Kerrey gives more details about what he did for the $800,000.
Kerrey's recommendation was that the whole operation be transferred from Israel to the University of Missouri's business incubator. A couple of the company's researchers have been hired by the university, which used a $5.5 million gift from Kimmel to establish the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance. “I think he would say he got his money's worth,” Kerrey said of Kimmel. A spokeswoman for Kimmel's foundation declined an interview request.
The problem with this story is the timeline is impossible. Energetic Technologies had clearly decided to move to Missouri no later than some time in 2009. The US subsidiary of the company, Energetics Technology USA LLC, was created in Columbia, MO, in 2009, and customs records indicate their equipment was moved there in January 2010. Rob Duncan, the vice-provost for research at U Missouri, is a long-time cold-fusion nut, who travelled with the CBS show 60 Minutes to Israel in early 2009 to visit the Energetics Technologies plant. In other words, he was well aware of the company, long before Bob Kerrey came along.

So Kerrey claims he was paid $800,000 by Sidney Kimmel to advise a company to move, two years after they had already set the move in motion, and a year after they'd shipped all their equipment?

More: this piece from fall 2010 reports Kimmel called Duncan at U. Missouri in 2009 to discuss moving Energetics Technologies, long before Kerrey claims he was employed to advise on the move.