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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The nuzepaper of rekurd?

MoDo's column this Sunday was predictably hackneyed -- evil neocons, yada yada yada -- but what really stood out was its fifth-grade spelling.
Ryan was moving his mouth, but the voice was the neocon puppet master Dan Senor. The hawkish Romney adviser has been secunded to manage the running mate and graft a Manichaean worldview onto the foreign affairs neophyte.
Is Dowd under the impression you spell 'second' differently when you use it as a verb? And (evil neocons again):
After 9/11, the neocons captured one Republican president who was naïve about the world. Now, amid contagious Arab rage sparked on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, they have captured another would-be Republican president and vice president, both jejeune about the world.
The word is jejune. And then at the very top...
PAUL RYAN has not sautéed in foreign policy in his years on Capitol Hill.
That word does not mean what she seems to think it means...and it's apparent also that Dowd doesn't cook, though it has unkindly been suggested she occasionally gets stewed.

I know it's hard to find good help on a Saturday evening, but if the Times can't afford a competent editor, could they at least use a spell-checker?

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