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Saturday, September 1, 2012

They can't help themselves

The Lincoln Journal Star editorial board has swung so far left, it's comical to watch it try to appear balanced, as it did today, reviewing the Republican convention.
For months, mainstream pundits have portrayed Mitt Romney as out of touch and socially awkward with ordinary Americans.
Mainstream pundits, eh? Who would they be? Rachel Maddow? Leonard Pitts? EJ Dionne? Notice they didn't actually name any of these 'mainstream pundits'?
Probably not the guy you’d want to yuk it up with at the bar on Saturday night, but maybe someone you would want as a trustworthy designated driver.
This isn't biased, it's just stupid. He's a Mormon, geniuses. They don't drink.
Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s speech was riddled with errors in fact and distortions. To cite one example, the auto plant that Ryan said was closed despite President Barack Obama’s promise to keep it open actually closed before Obama became president.
To cite one example, this is complete nonsense. The Janesville GM plant closed in April 2009, as described by the Janesville Gazette, which would be, you would think, in a position to notice.The LJS clearly swallowed this lie whole from some other partisan 'fact-checker', and didn't notice it had been throughly debunked within 12 hours.

On the bright side, I doubt anyone was taken in by this transparent piece of disingenuousness.

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