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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh noes, I'm a UNL hater!

UNL haters is a tumblr site whose anonymous (cluck cluck) management report tweets and facebook pages that they deem racist, sexist, homophobic, 'bodyshapist', or any of the myriad other transgreesions against political correctness, from UNL students and now (presumably) faculty. Oh I suppose it could be worse. At least they're using speech to deal with speech, as opposed to the frequently used leftist tactic of trying to impose speech codes. Granted, it's overweeningly sanctimonious (but after all, these are leftists) and you have to shake your head at people who spend a great deal of time in effect snitching on things other people say. But hey, it keeps them from organizing for Obama or other noxious activities.

I figured it was inevitable I would make the list eventually, but I'm amused at the cluelessness of their choice.

So my tweet is (according to them) sexist, except it's directed at a man operating a parody account called DebbieDoesNE. The owner of DebbieDoesNE is pretending to be a female political candidate, who happens to be a Republican, using a misogynistic handle associating said candidate with a porn star. In other words, UNLhaters isn't calling out sexism, it's defending it. But as has been demonstrated amply by Michelle Malkin and others, sexism and racism don't count when a conservative is being attacked.

They've violated the PC line elsewhere too. For example, they originally flagged as homophobic a reference to Jerry Sandusky. Presumably then a grown up told them Sandusky is a heterosexually married pedophile, and implying a Sandusky reference was homophobic was, well, homophobic. They took that down, although they don't take down other people's deleted tweets. A bit hypocritical, too, you might say, but about right for leftists.

Incidentally, this is the original tweet to which mine was in reply. Stupidly forgot tags.

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