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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ecofascism in Lincoln

I generally avoid using words like 'fascist', except to refer to actual fascists. But what is one to make of Lincoln's watering restrictions? Having an automatic sprinkler go off on the wrong day, say at 3:30 am, is liable to have one rousted out of bed in the wee hours by the local police, and charged with an actual crime, punishable in practice by a heavy fine and in theory by a year in jail.

Now it appears today this criminal conviction will linger permanently on one's public records and cost one the chance of employment.

Lincoln's ultra PC 'public safety director', a hitherto unneeded position created for Tom Casady by the Democrat political machine in Lincoln, has spent his long, lazy days openly mocking the unfortunate citizens targeted by his goons, who would much rather bust mommies in their homes at 4:30 am than do dangerous things like catch armed robbers. And while they treat the perpetually whiny lesbian and gay activist community with kid gloves, going out of their way to make nice even while members of said community concoct hoax hate crimes, they are gung ho about busting taxpayers unfortunate enough to have malfunctioning sprinkler controls.

And ultimately, the fault for Lincoln's water shortage lies with Democrat city leadership which, while the city has grown, has done nothing to get beyond an unreliable well system that draws water from a river across which one can reliably walk in an average dry summer. When you've had hosepipe restrictions twice in the last ten years, you can't claim it's an extraordinary event.

To an extent, it's Lincolnites' own fault. They voted these crooks in; they got a massive property tax hike, a 'public safety director' who is paid hundreds of thousands a year to write a blog, bloated public employee union pay increases, and criminal punishment for the failed infrastructure those crooks have provided them with.


  1. Dear Gerry

    In case you missed the memo, the State's been in a drought for the last number of years.

    That's important as we're an agricultural state.

    Crops need water more than your lawn.

  2. SE Nebraska had slightly higher than normal precipitation in 2011. 2010 was a wet year. Try again.

    FWIW, I have a well, and I live in the county.