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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Slime Ryan FAIL!

Within hours of the Paul Ryan vice-presidential announcement, the Obama campaign had released their first slime-Ryan video. Its content is hackneyed and predictable, until about the 37 second mark, when it starts claiming Ryan's budget would hurt college students. And, of course, they show a shot of students at college:
Nice looking college, no? Well, no. That's the Nebraska State Capitol building, west entrance. Here's a iPhone picture I took yesterday evening.
Of course, you could argue this epitomizes Obama's attitude to college; he spent his Columbia years smoking dope and snorting coke in his apartment. And it's truly ironic they didn't notice the statue in the foreground. Uh, Barack, that's Abraham Lincoln. But mostly this shows that Obama's team is so frantic to generate smears, they don't do the most minimal fact-checking.

h/t anonymous commenter on Leavenworth St.

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  1. That is a pathetic attempt to slime President Obama's campaign. Sure, you are right, but those putting the ad together I am sure were looking through 'stock video' for whatever could 'pass' as possibly college students .... in that they did not fail.

    Now, I thought when googling "Ryan fail" you were calling HIM Slime, you would have been more accurate if you had been doing so.

    Instead I find an impotent nit pick... Conservatives... I should not be surprised. Whenever someone says the word I see a petulant child of 2-3 years of age with some toy puling on it tears running down it's face screaming "MINE! MINE!!!"