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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hoaxes are not victimless crimes

The obvious; the Charlie Rogers investigation has probably cost tens of thousands of dollars, when you include police and FBI and NFPB time, DNA and other forensic testing, pathologists' examinations, etc.. I do expert witness work, and we ain't cheap.

The slightly less obvious: Lincoln's name and reputation has been dragged through the mud. A lot of people will have heard about the 'crime' and not the rebuttal. There is a vast amount of ignorance on the coasts about the American heartland, and this story will have reinforced prejudices. It will hurt us all, in a way that will be very hard to measure.

There is also the small but not negligible chance some unlucky person might have been arrested, charged, and even convicted for this made-up crime. Such things have happened.

Finally, contrary to what activists, the local police and media would have you believe, false crime reports are not uncommon, and when it comes to hate crimes, they may well be more common than actual crimes. These hoaxes are rarely punished severely, and so there is little deterrent. Heck, Al Sharpton parlayed his active participation in a hate-crime hoax into a national TV gig!

If I know Lancaster Co., and I do, Charlie Rogers will be given a slap on the wrist, which in no way reflects the severity of her actions. She will be channeled into pre-trial diversion, probably involving 'counseling', and do no jail time, or very little. She may well escape without even a conviction. And then the same darn thing will happen again, and our media will learn nothing.

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