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Friday, August 10, 2012

Decapitated and too far east

Lincoln is getting yet another giant head, this one on newly constructed 'Union Plaza', by Antelope Creek. An older giant head, detached from its body like poor Danny Pearl, lies ear to the ground outside the Sheldon Art Gallery. It cost the Sheldon $10,000 to repair its 'patina' after a compassionate but none-too-bright football fan tried to feed it pizza. It's called Fallen Dreamer

The new giant head, by New York 'sculptor' James Tyler, is called Groundwater Collossus and is 'a personification of the Ogallala aquifer'. It's a rather distant personification, since the Ogallala aquifer does not underlie Lincoln. Some stuff inside the head will play the sound of water trickling into the aquifer, which is good, because you can't hear that anywhere, especially not in Lincoln.

Mr Tyler has made lots of giant heads, but this is the biggest. A lot of suckers like us out there, I guess, but we're the biggest.

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  1. From what I understand, at least we're not paying for this one. This one was sponsored by private money, from my understanding. Would be worse if we were paying for it. For now, those aspects of it are just silly, as opposed to silly and government waste.