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Saturday, August 25, 2012

It offends you? Good!

President Barry Soetoro Hussein-hussein-hussein Teleprompter Muslim Chow-chow-mein Mau-mau Polygamist-Jr. Illegal-deadbeat-relative God-damn-America Affirmative-action-admit Doper Cokehead Kenyan Terrorist-pal "Let-me-be-clear" Trayvon-my-son Teleprompter McBirthCertificate.

Got all that?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bob Kerrey's shocking economic ignorance

Bob Kerrey tweeted the following astounding misstatement yesterday
Speaking in Omaha: "The last time our spending was at 18% GDP, Thomas Jefferson was President." #nesen
You can look up US Federal spending as a percentage of GDP in all sorts of places, including the White House website, but I like this graph.

First things first; obviously Kerrey is ludicrously wrong. Spending was below 18% of GDP as recently as 1966, and it was 18.2% of GDP in 2000 and 2001. Deb Fischer's goal of returning it to 18% of GDP is entirely reasonable, from historical standpoint. But look at what this says about Kerrey's conception of the federal government. The US govt. during peacetime consumed 3% or less of GDP until 1930. Wars obviously vastly increase expenditure, and you can see a ratchet effect in a graph; after every war, spending comes down, but not to the previous baseline. A better argument for Ron Paul's policy of non-intervention I can't think of.

Bob Kerrey has a completely different, and completely wrong, mental picture of the historical role of the federal government. He sees it as consuming almost a fifth of the nation's wealth almost all the way through the 19th century, when it actually consumed 2 - 3%. Peacetime federal spending only really exploded under the New Deal, and it took blackmail of the Supreme Court to allow the federal government to assume that role.

Seriously; if you are that ignorant of the economic history of the United States, how can you credibly be trusted to reform entitlements?

It wasn't just a one-time misstatement either. This is what Kerrey said in Falls City on July 31
“We’re spending 16 percent of the GDP - it hasn’t been that low since Thomas Jefferson was president,” he said. “Deb Fischer says we can balance the budget with nothing but cuts? If you do that, you’re going deep into Social Security. You’re cutting deep into Medicare. You have to have additional revenue. And there are terrific Republicans in the Senate right now who understand that reality. Yes, we have to have cuts, but we need additional revenue too."
I think he meant we're taking in 16% of the GDP in Federal tax, but really, who knows?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hoaxes are not victimless crimes

The obvious; the Charlie Rogers investigation has probably cost tens of thousands of dollars, when you include police and FBI and NFPB time, DNA and other forensic testing, pathologists' examinations, etc.. I do expert witness work, and we ain't cheap.

The slightly less obvious: Lincoln's name and reputation has been dragged through the mud. A lot of people will have heard about the 'crime' and not the rebuttal. There is a vast amount of ignorance on the coasts about the American heartland, and this story will have reinforced prejudices. It will hurt us all, in a way that will be very hard to measure.

There is also the small but not negligible chance some unlucky person might have been arrested, charged, and even convicted for this made-up crime. Such things have happened.

Finally, contrary to what activists, the local police and media would have you believe, false crime reports are not uncommon, and when it comes to hate crimes, they may well be more common than actual crimes. These hoaxes are rarely punished severely, and so there is little deterrent. Heck, Al Sharpton parlayed his active participation in a hate-crime hoax into a national TV gig!

If I know Lancaster Co., and I do, Charlie Rogers will be given a slap on the wrist, which in no way reflects the severity of her actions. She will be channeled into pre-trial diversion, probably involving 'counseling', and do no jail time, or very little. She may well escape without even a conviction. And then the same darn thing will happen again, and our media will learn nothing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lincoln hate crime is a hoax

An arrest warrant has been issued for lesbian activist Charlie Rogers, who apparently staged the entire thing, including buying the box-cutter she used to cut herself at a neighborhood hardware store. Real bright.

Lincoln is owed an apology from the motley and unsavory crowd of LGBTQ activists who were willing to indict an entire community for an accusation that didn't pass the smell test.

Details here.

Told you so here.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Slime Ryan FAIL!

Within hours of the Paul Ryan vice-presidential announcement, the Obama campaign had released their first slime-Ryan video. Its content is hackneyed and predictable, until about the 37 second mark, when it starts claiming Ryan's budget would hurt college students. And, of course, they show a shot of students at college:
Nice looking college, no? Well, no. That's the Nebraska State Capitol building, west entrance. Here's a iPhone picture I took yesterday evening.
Of course, you could argue this epitomizes Obama's attitude to college; he spent his Columbia years smoking dope and snorting coke in his apartment. And it's truly ironic they didn't notice the statue in the foreground. Uh, Barack, that's Abraham Lincoln. But mostly this shows that Obama's team is so frantic to generate smears, they don't do the most minimal fact-checking.

h/t anonymous commenter on Leavenworth St.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Decapitated and too far east

Lincoln is getting yet another giant head, this one on newly constructed 'Union Plaza', by Antelope Creek. An older giant head, detached from its body like poor Danny Pearl, lies ear to the ground outside the Sheldon Art Gallery. It cost the Sheldon $10,000 to repair its 'patina' after a compassionate but none-too-bright football fan tried to feed it pizza. It's called Fallen Dreamer

The new giant head, by New York 'sculptor' James Tyler, is called Groundwater Collossus and is 'a personification of the Ogallala aquifer'. It's a rather distant personification, since the Ogallala aquifer does not underlie Lincoln. Some stuff inside the head will play the sound of water trickling into the aquifer, which is good, because you can't hear that anywhere, especially not in Lincoln.

Mr Tyler has made lots of giant heads, but this is the biggest. A lot of suckers like us out there, I guess, but we're the biggest.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Beloved icon"...oh please!

Some of Lincoln’s public art pieces have become beloved icons, like “Torn Notebook.”
This is the monstrosity in question. It looks like a lost whale, trying to burrow into the ground. I admit, the first time you see it, it has a certain WTF? quality. But believe me, when you walk past it twice a day, every day, you wish they'd tear the damn eyesore down and plant a few trees.