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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lincoln owns five golf courses -- why?

Unaddressed in this story that the city of Lincoln subsidized no fewer than five public golf courses to the tune of $800,000 in the last ten years and $600,000 just last year is the question: why is the city operating public golf courses, at a loss, when there are numerous private golf courses in Lincoln. We are heavily supporting the recreational pursuits of a minority of Lincolnites, and, let's face it, these are not the homeless or otherwise needy. The average golfer plays 21 rounds a year. 121,000 rounds were played on city courses. Therefore, we can estimate the subsidy amounted to the total golfing of 6000 Lincoln residents, or about 2% of the city's residents. Furthermore; there are the hidden subsidies; if the courses were sold, the new owners would pay all sorts of taxes on the land and on whatever use they made of it.

It is astonishing how much unalloyed socialism there is in Nebraska. This is just one flagrant example.

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