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Monday, July 30, 2012

All together now, Brits. "Sorry, Mr. Romney. You were right!"

Starting with the bizarre Pyongyang-style Singing Dancing Homage to the Collective on Friday night, the London Olympics are clearly a complete cock-up. The London Times today revealed that 70% of the better seats were empty for the USA-France men's basketball game. Seriously, how much of a shambles is it when you can't fill a small arena to watch Lebron and Kobe play on the same team? One third of the beach volleyball seats, right in the center of London, were empty; good grief, not all British men are homosexual! There were 'five or six' people watching the home team GBR play Bulgaria in the fully-clad version of the sport. The soldiers who were stationed in London at the last minute to provide security, after contractor GS4 failed to lure enough welfare cases to give up their benefits for rent-a-cop jobs, are now being ordered to fill the empty stands.

However, one venue is fully subscribed; the lines for McDonalds, which are reportedly two hours long.

How pathetic is it that, in a major metropolis, they can't figure out a way for people who clearly want to watch the games, actually to get in to watch the games?

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