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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today in Bob Kerrey history: May 9, 2001

Eleven years ago today, highly respected human rights watchdog Human Rights Watch called for an investigation of Bob Kerrey's squad's actions in the Tranh Phong atrocity.
In a letter to Secretary Rumsfeld, Human Rights Watch said recent disclosures by former Senator Bob Kerrey concerning his service as a junior officer in a Navy SEAL team in 1969 suggested that certain military units then operated under standing orders or employed methods that directly violated the Fourth Geneva Convention, resulting in "grave breaches" of that Convention, or war crimes.
Note that they are discussing what Bob Kerrey himself admitted to, not the more serious allegations of Gerhard Klann.
The allegation that members of the team killed unarmed persons in their custody, however, warrants specific investigation by the U.S. government: if proved, such acts would clearly constitute war crimes, for which there is no statute of limitations, and should result in prosecutions.
The major Nebraska newspapers are still silent on the matter.

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