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Thursday, May 24, 2012


It is illegal for a superPAC to coordinate its activities with a candidate. There is, however, nothing to prevent a newspaper from coordinating its activities with a candidate. And indeed, that seems to be what the Lincoln Journal Star is doing.

Yesterday, the tottering Kerrey campaign sent out a tweet bemoaning 'big money in politics' (except the big money that flows to Kerrey from billionaire Democrat donors, of course). And they have a phony online 'petition' against superPAC money.

And today, like one of Pavlov's dogs secreting gastric acid at the sound of a bell, the Lincoln Journal Star writes a wooly-headed editorial castigating Joe Ricketts and mysterious, anonymous superPAC donors, even though it concedes Joe Ricketts isn't the least anonymous.

The timing is pure coincidence, of course.

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Journal Star hasn't shown the least curiosity in finding out why Kerrey was paid million dollar sums last year for nebulous services to Sidney Kimmel and Ronald O Perelman.

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