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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why it's called the Empire State

If you're my age, you probably learned in school about the Connecticut Compromise. It was a deal between the small and big states, that gave each state equal representation in the Senate, but proportional representation in the House. The big states never much liked it, but had to agree to it to get a constitution.

(If you're half my age, you probably learned that the founders were rich white men out to oppress wimmin, gays, and people of color)

It just occurred to me that the Democrat Party in New York has finally figured out how to undo the Connecticut Compromise. Select a New Yorker with some sort of tenuous ties to a small state, say Nebraska. Create a Nebraska Senate Victory Fund, with donations from rich, liberal New Yorkers and other non-Nebraskans. And use the money on an advertising campaign to con the rubes into voting for the New Yorker.

Pretty slick. And after all, how can you be an Empire State without imperialism? All your Senate seat belong to us!

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