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Monday, April 23, 2012

The incuriosity of the monster's wife

Eva Braun, according to historical accounts, was totally uninterested in politics. Her only intervention in the political sphere was to express indignation in 1943 when Hitler proposed to stop production of women's cosmetics. Asma al-Assad is similarly noted for her love of expensive clothes and her detachment from her husband's brutal suppression of his dissident subjects.

Don Walton, of the Lincoln Journal Star, has in the past 'fessed up to his infatuation with Bob Kerrey.

I'm a little embarrassed by the rather rhapsodic view of a Medal of Honor winner written by a young reporter.
Don is now an old reporter, but apparently the bromance continues. Reporting today on Bob Kerrey's financial statement, Don merely notes:
Leading sources of income: New School University, president emeritus, $916,000; The Jones Group, a clothing apparel business, board member, $965,000; and Sidney Kimmel Revocable Trust, consulting, $800,000.
A normal person, let alone a political reporter, would surely be curious about a $800,000 payment for 'consulting'. But Don even trims the Omaha World Herald's already rather cursory description.
$800,000 in consulting fees from Sidney Kimmel Revocable Trust. Kerrey called that his primary gig after he stepped down as New School president, helping a company in Israel sustain its research into low-energy nuclear reactions. The project ultimately was handed over to the University of Missouri.
As I've discussed below, this is a very curious gig indeed. The company, Energetics Technologies, does research in the scientifically discredited field of cold fusion (euphemism: low-energy nuclear reactions). The 'research' is based on a crackpot theory of quantum gravity superwaves™ promoted by disbarred quack Irving Dardik, who co-founded this company with Kimmel. Dardik was banned from practicing medicine for bilking multiple sclerosis patients $30 K - $100K apiece for his phony superwave™ treatments. Wouldn't a political reporter want to know what Kerrey did for this mysterious and distinctly kooky company that was worth nearly $1m?

Monsters' wives stay sane by never inquiring into what the monster is doing. Don needs to decide if his bromance trumps his job.

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