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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bob Kerrey: eliminate all private insurance companies

I found a delightful little interview with Bob Kerrey, which appeared shortly after the Cornhusker Kickback enabled Senate passage of PPACA. Health care reform as it was passed was not nearly extreme enough for Bob. He wanted
a universal public option... a national system, the feds are responsible for it.
Kerrey announced his love for Britain's awful state-controlled National Health Service
Kerrey says he admires the British, the Canadian, the French, and the German health care systems... I was in England and had a little problem with my jaw and went right in and got taken care of, so even for visitors there's a provision.
It's the residents who have the problem; my sister in London pays thousands a year for private health insurance, because the NHS is so bad. More about that later today. For those of you keeping a Kerrey bingo card of all the statements he will back away from later in the year, here are some goodies.
I'd federalize Medicaid
He said he is
100 percent pro-choice.
And Kerrey supported the Cornhusker Kickback:
Politically, it was in Ben's best interests to vote no, not yes. So I don't see a payoff here at all, unless you think that trying to get the best deal possible for your state is a payoff. He didn't benefit from this personally; the state did.
Kerrey added that if he were responsible for writing the bill, all private insurance companies would be eliminated. The private sector would still get a piece of the action because Kerrey would set up "a national system of payment" run by private, highly regulated companies.
On that final point, the insurance industry is worth $10,300,000,000 a year to the Nebraska economy, generate $413 m in state and local taxes in 2010, and supported 56,405 jobs.


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